If you wish to add specific mods to your server then you will need to use the FTP/File Manager to upload your mod to your FadeHost server. We also have a guide for uploading a modpack.

For this example we will use JourneyMap mod which you can download from curse.


When choosing your mod you need to make sure that your mod is compatible with the version of Forge that you are running on your Minecraft server. For our example mod we can look at the curse page and see where it says “Supports: 1.11.2”¬† which means you can use this modpack on 1.11.2 Forge servers only.¬†Different mods support different versions,¬† you can check the “Other downloads” tab on curse to download an older version of the mod, for example if you are running Forge 1.7.10 then you can download a 1.7.10 compatible mod.

Note: You cannot install client side mods on the server, an example of a client side mod is Rei’s Minimap. Client side mods will not allow your server to start up.

Adding the mod

1. Once you have your mod .jar file downloaded to your PC, start by navigating to your FadeHost Multicraft server control panel and select your server.

2. On the left side of the Menu click on Files -> FTP File Access

3. You will be asked to login to your FTP account, the only thing that you need to enter is your password, which is the same password that you used to login to the control panel.

4. Once you login, click on the “mods” folder

5. Then on the left menu click on the Upload button

6. Click the Browse button under the Files section

7. Select your .jar mod file and click Submit, you will then need to wait until your file is uploaded. The wait time depends on the size of the mod and the speed of your internet upload speed.

8. After the mod is uploaded the page should say:

File yourmod.jar is OK

File yourmod.jar has been transferred to the FTP server using FTP mode FTP_BINARY

9. Restart your Minecraft server and the mod should load


If you get any sort of error during the upload process, or if you get stuck on any step of the way please contact support.

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