FileZilla is a popular free FTP client used to transfer files. You can use FileZilla to transfer folders and large files without any restrictions.


How to install and connect to FileZilla

1. Go to the FileZilla website and download the FileZilla Client for your operating system and install it.

2. Start the FileZilla client and you will see 3 inputs on the top for “Host”, “Username”, “Password” and “Port”

3. On your Multicraft panel go to Files -> FTP File Access and you will see the following information:

  • FTP Address = “Host” in FileZilla
  • FTP Port = “Port” in FileZilla
  • FTP Username = “Username” in FileZilla
  • Multicraft Password = “Password” in FileZilla

Fill in the required information and click on “Quickconnect” and your server files should be visible on the right side of the client.

How to use FileZilla

Your PC files are on the left side and your server files are on the right side of the client.

To upload files to your server you can either drag and drop the files on to the right side or you can find the files on the left side, select them and then right click and click on “Upload”.

The download files to your PC you first need to select the folder on the left side where you wish the files to be downloaded to, then on the right side you have to right click the file or folder and click on “Download”.

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