For this tutorial you need to connect to your VPS via SSH, refer to this guide on how to connect.

After you connect, follow these steps:


Update the VPS

# apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Note that if you get a window with “Postfix Configuration” then choose the first option “No configuration” with your arrow keys and press enter.


Install mysql and phpmyadmin

# apt-get install mysql-server phpmyadmin

  1. The first window will ask you to choose a password for your mysql administration “root” user, this is not the same as your SSH root user so please type in a unique password here. Repeat the password on next window.
  2. The second window will ask you to select your web server, use your arrow keys to go to apache2 and press your spacebar to select it, a star symbol will mark the selection. Hit enter to continue.
  3. Choose Yes on the next window and then enter your mysql root password and hit OK. Enter your password on the next 2 windows as well.
  4. The installation should be completed, you can now go to http://yourVPSip/phpmyadmin and login with the username root and the password you set in step 1


Optional step

After you login to phpmyadmin for the first time it will give you a warning about the extension mcrypt not being installed. To fix this go back to SSH and run these commands:

# php5enmod mcrypt

# service apache2 restart


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