This guide will show you how to upload a complete modpack to your Multicraft control panel, this is useful if you wish to update an existing modpack or if you wish to add a brand new modpack.

For this example we will use the FTB Revelations modpack.


1. For this to work properly you will need to install an FTP client on your PC or use our new file manager. You cannot use the default Multicraft “FTP File Access” because it does not allow you to upload folders or large files.

2. You will need a modpack which has a “server download” file, this is a pre-made zip file that contains all the files ready for a server to work properly. For example If you are downloading from Curse then go to the “Files” tab and there should be a “Server pack” button which takes you to the server download.

Preparing the server files

We have to make sure that the modpack runs properly before uploading it to the server, this will eliminate any troubleshooting and wasted time by uploading files that might not work.

Many modpacks come without all the necessary files such as the Minecraft jar file or the Forge jar files and the corresponding library files. Luckily these modpacks will also include a script which will download the missing files for us.

1. Begin by extracting the modpack zip file into a new folder, in our case we are using the FTB Revelations as an example. You will see the modpack files:

2. This modpack has an “FTBInstall.bat” script file so lets run that by double clicking it. A new window will open and the script will start downloading the necessary files. After the script finishes it will close itself.

At this point you will have all of the required files and its time to upload these files to your server:

Making sure the server runs properly

1. This modpack includes a script called “ServerStart.bat” which will start the server on your PC. Double click the file to run it. A new window will open telling you to read the eula file:

2. Open the file “eula.txt” and you can see the link to the EULA (End User License Agreement). If you agree to the license then change "eula=false" to "eula=true".

3. Run the “ServerStart.bat” script again and make sure that your server starts up without any errors in the console and then close the console.

4. Optional: You can try joining your server by using the IP while the console is running.


Uploading the modpack

In this section we will cover how to upload and install a modpack on to a blank server, for updating an existing modpack please read the note below.

1. Make sure that you are starting with a blank server. Delete all existing files as they will most likely prevent your server from running properly.

2. On the Multicraft panel switch the “JAR File” to custom.jar

3. Save and start the server, this will generate some basic folders on your blank server.

4. Connect to your server FTP and you should see the “jar” folder. Here you will upload the following files:

  • FTBserver jar file renamed to custom.jar
  • minecraft_server jar file
  • libraries folder

After you are done, your jar folder will look like this:

5. Upload all the other server files into your main server folder.

6. Start the server on Multicraft and everything should start correctly, if there are any errors in the console or if the server does not start correctly please do not hesitate to contact support.

Note on updating existing modpacks

When you wish to update your modpack please follow the instructions above but with one exception, do not delete your world folders. This way everything you have built will be preserved.

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